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How to use Edis Five Flowers

Five Flowers is a combination of five of the Bach flower essences. It soothes the stress and tensions of everyday life. The First Aid Essence get us back to normal. We can calmly deal with any situation like: after getting bad news, before an exam, when feeling tension, any time you loose balance mentally, stress, job interviews, emergencies.
All Five Flower products are manufactured according to the specifications of Dr. Bach.

Five Flowers Remedies
Five Flowers and Five Flowers Night Stock bottles. Concentrate with alcohol or agave sirup. In organic quality.
Five Flowers Pastilles
How to use Edis Five Flowers pastilles.
Five Flowers Chewing gum
How to use Edis Five Flowers chewing gum

Edis Five Flowers contain premixed organicInfo Bach Flower Essences. The remedies from pure and unpolluted Swiss mountains are prepared carefully by hand.