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Five Flowers Remedies

DIRECTLY: Take the Edis® Five Flowers Stockbottles undiluted directly from the stock bottle. Just take 2 drops on your tongue and repeat as necessary. Leave the drops left in the mouth as long as possible.

SHORT TERM PROBLEMS: Dilute 4-8 drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals until there is relief.

FORMULA for MULTIPLE USE: Fill a 30ml mixing bottle with 2 parts water and one part brandy or fruit vinegar. Add 6-12 drops of Five Flowers remedy. Take 4 drops a minimum of four times a day.

Rub: 2-4 drops onto pulse, temple or neck.
Aura method: 2-4 spray applications into the air.
Bath: 20 drops per bath.
Massage: 10 drops per 10ml oil.
Ointment: 10 drops per 10g of ointment.

Edis Five Flowers stockbottles contain five rescue remedies:
Cherry Plum
Rock Rose
Star of Bethlehem.